The association for Sports, Culture and Education in Jaffa helps children build a better future for themselves and for the community. The Association provides the children with daily lunches, education programs, sports equipment, basic clothing, cultural activities, and field trips.
 School Help
Supervised study sessions are held for each student throughout the week. Student volunteers and staff work directly with Jaffa schools to strengthen study habits and improve the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition, the interaction serves as an opportunity for professional staff to assess learning disabilities and provide the necessary support.

The Association also provides needed scholarship assistance to students who otherwise would be unable to attend university. The opportunity for disadvantaged youth of Jaffa to study in Israel's universities is a landmark achievement for the community and the Association.

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 Computer, Photography and Internet
Past contributions to the Association have resulted in the purchase of computers, digital photography equipment and trained instructors for a complete course in computers, Internet and digital photography The courses open the world of computers, the Internet and modern technological equipment to a population whom otherwise would not have access to such resources. Several galleries have shown full exhibitions of the Jaffa Youth Photos and plans are underway to produce a complete photographic journal.

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 Daily Lunch
Most children the Association for Sports, Culture and Education works with come from a low socio-economic background. In addition to educational and social activities, the Association provides a daily lunch for each child.

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One of the major goals of the Association is to build trust as a basis for coexistence and cooperation between Jews and Arabs. The Association initiates projects that encourage interaction between Jewish and Arab children, such as football matches and tournaments in Jaffa and outside it, and encounters with children from Jewish schools, intended to encourage a dialogue and demonstrate the feasibility of cooperation by breaking down stereotypes and creating preparedness to accept the other in spite of the differences.

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 Community Service
The Association encourages children to take an active part activities that contribute to the community and strengthen it. These activities include neighborhood, seashore and cemetery cleaning projects, and visits to senior citizens centers and homes and to children's wards in hospitals. The children bring with them modest gifts or flowers, and absorb through such experiences the importance of giving to the community.
 Digital Videography
Making video films on life in Jaffa and about its residents serves as a way to connect with other communities and populations. Volunteering professionals guide the children through the process of filming, directing and producing the films, which are then shown in schools and in other places. These films are true examples of productive cooperation between Arabs and Jews.

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Many of the children who take part in the football program continue to professional youth teams. The program gives the children professional training and the opportunity to rise as a star. The Association sponsors all equipment, clothing and additional costs.

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A group of the children attends a theatre workshop in which they learn how to act on stage. Through acting the children are exposed to dilemmas relevant to their world, express emotions and undergo common experiences. This process opens up opportunities for them to make dreams come true. At the end of their training the group has an opportunity to stage its own play. Some of Israel's best actors and artists contribute their time and experience to this program.

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 Special Events and Holiday Activities
The Association organizes birthday parties and celebrations for events such as the beginning and the end of school years. It also marks the holidays of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Sukkot, Hanukkah, Passover, Christmas, Ramadan, and the Festival of Sacrifice. Thanks to generous donations and the help of event producers and managers, the children can attend shows and performances during holiday breaks. It is particularly important to keep the children busy during the summer break and provide them with enjoyable and educational activities. During this period of the year they enjoy varied activities that includes visits to swimming pools and theme and water parks. All these activities are fully subsidized by the Association.

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 Field Trips
The Association for Sports, Culture and Education organized several trips in Israel and abroad each year. The trips provide practical cultural, historic and social education for the youth. They also allow vital time for individual growth, cross cultural communication and learning. For many youth, the trips represent the only opportunity to travel beyond the boundaries of Jaffa.

Annual trips include hikes in Israel's parks, visits to museums, theatre events or competitive football matches with local and foreign youth. The Association subsidizes all trips; participation is open to each child regardless of race, religion or economic status.

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