Video Team 2006 24/06/2006
This team was established in order to send a clear and powerful message through the lens of the camera to the audience. The team deals mostly with producing movies on the situation in Jaffa, such that it will be possible to identify the problems sources that exist upon Jaffa's society, and address them to the audience, in order to evoke the citizens to their hardship hoping they will rise to solve them.

The people in charge on this project are a group of youths from Jaffa, which through full cooperation and coordination between one another, send messages through the lens to the audience. Refat (Jimmy) Tourk Chairman of the institution, combined the team members according to their abilities and skills in the cinematic domain, and supplies them with all the movie production equipment and electrical hardware needed to operate the project.


Mussa Hammad
Fadi Hammad
Mary Wakileh
Fadi Edris
Reem Wakileh

Few issues that the team will be dealing with are:

1. A documentary on Jaffa's Coast Slope
2. The Question " Why does Jaffa look like this nowadays?"
3. A life story of a drug addict that has weaned after 30 years of drug addiction

And many more examples of a large variety
Visit to Vienna 16/06/2005
As in previous years, the city of Vienna has invited a group of children for a visit in the city this summer.

The group will stay in Vienna between August 7 and 18. Rifaat Tourk is working on raising funds for the kids' flight tickets, which are to be fully subsidized by the Association.
Computers 16/06/2005
The Association is pleased to announce that it has managed to acquire additional computers. Currently the Association owns 15 computers that serve the kids for educational purposes. The kids receive training from a team that helps them acquire the necessary skills for working with computers.