The Association for Sports, Culture and Education in Jaffa was established in 2000 to provide social, educational and communal support to underprivileged youth in Jaffa regardless of ethnicity or religion. The Association aids over 500 youth each day with programs including: Jewish and Arab coexistence, educational assistance, sports groups, community leadership and advocacy, drama and culture events and social welfare assistance.

The modern city of Jaffa has 60,000 residents and represents a crossbread of Israeli society -- Jewish and Arab, wealthy and poor. Today, 46% of Jaffa's youth live below the poverty line.

With the help of dedicated workers and volunteers, we are providing a clean, safe and supportive environment for Jaffa's youth. We are bringing young smiles back to the streets of Jaffa and creating promising futures for our youth.
Rifaat (Jimmy) Tourk, founder of the association, grew up playing football (soccer) on the streets of Jaffa and is familiar with the many challenges of the underprivileged youth. His football skills and sharp mind guided him to become the first Israeli Arab to play with the Israel National Football Team (1976-1986), and he played with the Israeli National Football Team in the 1976 Summer Olympics, Montreal, Canada. Today, Rifaat Tourk is the Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

"I first began to work with kids soon after I realized my own potential as a professional football player. The challenging social and economic conditions in Jaffa did not limit my abilities -- it should not limit theirs. All of these youth have promising futures -- we need to show them the way."

  - Rifaat (Jimmy) Tourk